Another little note
from Fallfire founder,
John Mundt, Esq.

When Fallfire began back in 2004, I had no idea just how many truly awesome creations would come pouring in over the years. Helping to choose winners from such wonderful and diverse artwork is nearly impossible, and I've often wished that we gave out more than one "First Place" award....
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Founder's Award of
Special Recognition
....but, of course, we don't.


Still, on rare occasion, I have been so personally impressed by an exceptional entry, or a remarkable artist who went that "one step further," that I have felt compelled to present an award of special recognition.  In fact, it has only happened three times now... 
Kenneth Durril won the first Founder's Award for a complex haiku. Gene Batchelor won the next Founder's Award for his incredible archive of poetry, ranging from cute to cutting, and from gothic to intimate (his submission that year of over 60 poems is part of the reason we now ask for $10 for every "third or more" entry!).  The next award went to Mary Ann Stemper, who submitted an entire short book!  Inspired by Fallfire to tell the story of a famous Fall fire from Prairie du Chien's past, Mary Ann produced The Kane's on Fire! as part of her ongoing Send-A-Story series.  The most recent recipient of the Founder's Award was John S. Kjome, who made an outstanding (and huge) table out of stone tiles and found objects (did I mention that it was huge?).  I can't promise that I will always present a Founder's Award in future Fallfire contests, but, with the high caliber of entries that we receive, I wouldn't doubt it!