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So, what is FALLFIRE?
"FALLFIRE is a word inspired by my love of Autumn. I can't explain why I like Fall in exact terms, but it has less to do with the turning multi-color leaves than it does with the quality of the light. During Autumn, the sun seems to be at just the correct angle to sliver in sideways through the atmosphere, giving everything a visual "pop" that the dullness of Winter, the diffusion of Spring, or the glaring sun of Summer just can't provide. Oh, and the air seems to crisp, free of the humidity of Summer, yet it washes both cool and warm, unlike the blistering Winter. Of course, these are mostly observations of life here in Southwestern Wisconsin, although I have experienced the beauty of Autumn in New York City, Montana, and the various Midwestern states nearby, and they all seemed to measure up to the same standards. There are also metaphorical elements of Autumn which I deeply appreciate (you know, all of that "Try to remember the kind of September" stuff). All together, the various aspects of Fall always put me in a very creative mood. I want to share this feeling through a creativity-inducing exercise. In fact, I have made it into a little contest!  You may have heard of it (since it's plastered all over this site).  It is called - 
The Autumn Creativity Contest"


This is a contest not between competitors, but, rather between you and your art. It doesn't matter whether you are a cartoonist, photographer, writer, dancer, quilter, sculptor, poet, or whatever. All forms of art are eligible.

We are looking for the best single NEW
works inspired by the word FALLFIRE. 

"Fallfire" can be the title of your work, or merely in impetus for it. Ideally, you would create the work entirely between the first day of Autumn (September 22nd) and November 4th of this year.  The only restrictions that we request are that the works be for a general audience, that they be submitted to us by noon on November 3rd, 2018, and that we have the right to display all entries. In fact, that will be one of the contest's "prizes."  The winning entries will not only be posted on the FALLFIRE site, but all entries will be eligible for placement on display at the special FALLFIRE gallery show held later in November in the new public gallery space of the High School building in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. While recognition of participation will go to pretty much everyone who enters, one entry will be awarded the Grand Prize of a gold and blue FALLFIRE ribbon and a minimum of one-hundred and fifty dollars honorarium from the Prize Fund!  There will also be Special Recognition Awards in four categories; PhotographyTwo-Dimensional ArtWritten Works, and "Other Media" (which includes "High Crafts," "New Arts," and whatever else isn't written, two-dimensional, or photography).  These Special Recognition Award Winners will each receive a FALLFIRE ribbon and a minimum of fifty dollars honorarium from the Prize Fund!  The "Prize Fund" may actually grow over the course of the contest, so winners could receive substantial bonuses as well!  Also, while there is no limit as to how many times you may enter, if submitting more than two entries, please include a $10 Jury Fee for each additional work.  Checks may be made payable to Fallfire, c/o John Mundt.  PayPal payments can be sent to  Payment must accompany each "third or more" entry.  Hopefully, this will increase the Prize Fund.  OK, these may not be the most exciting or lucrative prizes, but they will be just tokens anyway, as the true reward will be the work itself. No, really...we're serious! Just enjoying the task should be a prize in itself!  

Each category has some specific rules (click on the category links above to see them), but here are some general guidelines...

- For two-dimensional artwork, such as photos, paintings, cartoons, etc., please send originals if possible, or copies if appropriate, or send as high-resolution images via e-message.
- For three-dimensional art, such as sculpture or quilts or basketry, we can take in the original piece (which will eventually be eligible to display in the gallery show anyway), but it might be easier for everyone if you e-mailed two or more photographs of the work for judging purposes.
- For action or sound oriented work, such as music, dance, or performance art, we must rely upon you to send a video capture on CD/DVD, or to post it to YouTube or similar site, with proper link sent with your e-mailed entry. 

All entries should be accompanied by a completed ENTRY FORM. Submissions should ideally have been created after September 23rd, 2018 (spontaneity accounts for a large part of what the judges are looking for), but, due to the time-consuming nature of some types of artwork, we will accept anything produced since November of 2017 (one full year total).  The contest is open to artists of every age.  Photographic entries submitted via e-mail will be printed as 8x10s for judging purposes, and e-submitted written works will be printed-out in a standard font for the same reason.  All works will be reviewed by a crack panel of advisors. Enter as many times as you'd like, but each entry must be a stand-alone, individual work (and don't forget the Jury Fee for more than two entries). If you think that you might be interested in participating, our suggestion would be to keep it simple, soak in some beautiful, crisp Autumn air, look within yourself in the clear Autumn light, and be inspired by how you feel!
Good Luck!
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- a message from Fallfire founder John Mundt, Esq.
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