Other Media
For Fallfire, the "Other Media" category covers a lot of ground.  The list of past winners includes free-form crochet, jewelry, and a set of notecards, and other entries have included handmade dolls, recorded songs, and sculpture.  As always, it is up to the artist to decide into which category to enter his-or-her artwork.  For example, a song could be either a Written work, or "Other."  If entering a work in the "Other Media" category, please provide us with at least two different photographs of your entry, if appropriate.  The actual, physical items can also be dropped off in person at our secure street address before the deadline.  For entries that are performed, like dance or music, please provide us with a CD recording sent to our street address, or a video clip sent via e-mail.  As always, make sure that you include answers to our Entry Form questions!
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2017 Winner - Kay Campbell

for   untitled (freeform pottery)
close-up detail